Books by the Roshi
Books by the Roshi


Setting out in straw sandals

By recommendation of Roshi Omori Sogen, former President of the Hanazono University:
This book relates the author's travels, as a practitioner of the zen way. His words spring from direct experience.

Published 15th of January 1981 toho-press ( Japanese edition only )

Illustrated Zen Primer

Today is the age of computers and word processors. Those engaged in such work have limits on their time. Our brains have limits; they tire. At such times, meditating, sitting in zazen for a while is said to be the greatest way of recuperation. It is above all important for workers to have well-balanced minds.
In this diversified age, it is noble for the busy person of today to live awakened to one's true nature. Since it is desirable that such people increase in number, I will be gladdened to have even just one of them engaging in zazen.

(From the preface)
New edition 25th of February 1994 toho-press ( Japanese edition only )

Learning from the Heart Sutra

This book is based on a year-long special course taught by Hozumi Roshi at Osaka's Ecole du Royal.
Published December 1987 toho-press ( Japanese edition only )

To live happily

Zazen is "the door to happiness to the teachings", so it is written down in the Zen rules. When body and mind have been brought into harmony, freed from suffering and the heart caught up by all things has ceased to be, then there is nothing that equals this happiness in life. The source to a cheerful, happy life lies in onees own body. Looking at oneself quietly, thates where one finds it.
(From the Preface)

First edition 15th May 1994 kanki-publishing (only in Japanese)

Seeing in Zen, Realising in Zen

The Chinese character ezae in zazen represents two humans facing each other on the ground, so it's said. Those two humans are oneself and oneself. Sitting on the ground, communicating with oneself, looking into oneself, that is what connects it with zazen. In the human being there are two selves. One is the one looking for reality, the other is the one intent on empty dreams.
Everybody will know himself which one is the true self.
(From the Preface)

First edition Oct. 1986 kanki-publishing (only in Japanese)

A Zen Monk visits Christian Monasteries

hDefinitely a refreshing read, which I highly recommend.h
Seiko Hirata Roshi, head of the Tenryuji lineage of Rinzai Zen

hTolerance and true understanding of each other among religions are in high demand nowadays. There surely is quite a lot we can learn from the records of the deeds of the Venerable Hozumi.h
Archbishop Seiichi Shirayanagi, Catholic cardinal of Tokyo

hThe brilliant wisdom and Zen experience of the venerable master are full of vitality und lead us via reality into an unknown world.h
Dr Shin Anzai, famous teacher of Jochi University
First edition 1st Nov 1996 chugainippo society (only in Japanese)

ZEN HEART@@Original version of Zen heart, Japanese@ @German version of Zen heart

Zen heart

A collection of Zen wisdom, poetry, practical advice, and sutras. It is a pocket handbook of Zen. Includes glossary. Currently published worldwide in English, German, Spanish and French, as well as the original Japanese.
Originally published 1982.

Publication on the 110th birthday of Chugainippo
The method of reverse breathing
-On the road of seeking truth-
First edition 20ht Nov 2004 chugainippo society (only in Japanese)

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